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November 10, 2015

This year God and I decided that we would work on two things: my character and allowing him to be first in everything. Let’s face it, this was all His idea. I was game for both but was not looking forward to it, at least not the character development part. When God developed Joseph’s character, there was a lot of pain, pits and even some prison. And I am not gleefully walking into a season that might, at least in my mind, lead to that.

But a few days ago in  in my mChairorning quiet time, I realized I had gained perspective on something that is a game changer for me. We have a chair in our den that my fabulous husband selected. I have spent a lot of time in that chair. A. LOT.

In my head I saw that chair as the place where I wasted a lot of time. Time that would have been better spend on something, anything else. Washing, writing, studying the Word, spending more time with my family. I have beat myself bloody over the amount of time spent in that chair.

This morning while reading a friends blog posts, I realized that yes, I have spent time in this chair flipping channels or reading the 999th romance novel. But, this is also the chair I come to when I am in the pit and need the comfort of the familiar to work my way out. This is the chair where I read my Bible and am now writing my blog.

This chair, with its wide rolled arms is where I have held my children when they needed some Mama love. It is the chair the ladies in small group get here early to claim. When the pressures of work or marriage or parenting or life with all it demands overwhelm me, I come to this chair and find rest.

Rest, like in the arms of a loving and gracious Father who wants me to know he is the lover of my soul and he wants my best for his glory. Maybe this character development won’t be quite as painful as I one thought. It is all in my perspective.

So yes, I have wasted time in this chair. And, in this chair I have felt the breath of God as He wrapped me in His arms and whispered my name… Beautiful. Redeemed. Loved. Mine.